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Olympics: Peace and Sport announce nominees for first Documentary Prize at SPORTELMonaco

Peace and Sport will announce the special first Documentary Prize during the SPORTEL Awards ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum next Tuesday 12 October. Peace and Sport founder and president, Joel Bouzou, and Champion for Peace and former English rugby player, Dan Luger, will reveal the winner at the gala event and present the trophy. On Aggregate was one of three finalists.

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They have the unique claim in the football world of being the only team that has not played a ‘home’ game since 1993, when their city of Ağdam in western Azerbaijan was destroyed by invading Armenians. It remains an occupied ghost town to this day. Although Ağdam may have fallen, the people of Qarabağ and their football team, 

‘The Horsemen’  have not.

If still officially a ‘refugee club,’ in 2014 the Horsemen managed to rise to the dizzying heights of the ‘Group’ stage of the Europa League, playing against such football giants as
Ukraine’s Dnipro, the French Saint-Étienne and the legendaryInter-Milan of football-obsessed Italy, only to be dispossessed
once more. But even if robbed of a clean goal in overtime(and a chance to claim further glory), the Horseman play on...

Thomas Goltz specializes in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union, and especially Azerbaijan--the only country in the world that shares borders with both Russian and  Iran.

Goltz knew almost nothing about football when he took on the challenge of traveling with the QA-Horsemen during the 2014/2015 Europa League 'Groups' stage.

In April 2015 he was inducted into the team as an Honorary Horseman. His jersey number is 02--the license plate of the still-occupied city of Agdam.

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The Saga Of  The Qarabağ-Ağdam ‘Refugee’ Football Club

On Aggregate - Champions Without a Home

Thomas Goltz

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